Elegant pink cosmetic exhibition booth beauty care studio used in mall

Now with the increasing demand for cosmetics, there are more and more cosmetic stores. Many people now choose to open a cosmetic exhibition booth rather than a retail shop, because the rent is much lower than the store, and the location is flexible and the lease period is short.when you go to a shopping center, you will easily find many cosmetic booths. Too many cosmetic kiosks, how to attract customers is very important. So many people will take care of the booth decoration.

I really love this pink cosmetic exhibition booth very much, I can’t move my eyes from it. How about you? I believe every girl will love it, it used a very elegant pink color match bright white, looks very sweet and nice. It is an open style, allow customers to enter try the products and select they like. The front middle is a small cash counter, then left and right each side has a beauty station, customers can sit here try cosmetics and skincare products here. Near them have display shelves and racks to put tools. In the middle of the booth is a chat table with chairs.customers and stuff can sit chat here.

The back all wall display cabinets with shelves for display, in middle is customer logo with a big TV for advertising.

You can see this kiosk not only looks very elegant it also very functional.


Here are some detailed info for this cosmetic booth

1.size:6m by 3m

2.color:pink,white,golden stainless steel

3.materials: MDF with white and pink baking paint finish

4.items included: whole booth with lights, TV, illuminated logos, led lights, table and chairs


Do you like this cosmetic exhibition booth design?

If you also want to make a cosmetic exhibition booth and want to customize. Just feel free to contact us.we can help. We have professional design team, can help you design and make the skincare studio as your needs.

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