High-end cosmetic kiosk design skin care glass display showcase 

Do you have an idea to start a business in the shopping mall? Some people prefer to have their own business than work for the company. Actually, if you have this idea you can have a try. One of the businesses you can try is selling cosmetic products.

The first step you should have a cosmetic kiosk. In order to display the cosmetic product, you need to build a cosmetic kiosk to display the product well. This is a high-end cosmetic kiosk design skin care glass display showcase, please let me introduce the detail of it.



This is a high-end and beautiful cosmetic kiosk design. On the front is a small mini cashier counter. The black color with the white lighted acrylic also has a brand logo on it.

On the right side of the mini cashier desk is a small display stand for the cosmetic product. At this place, we can display some hot sale products or some promotional products.

And on the back side has the glass display showcase. It is the glass display shelf with the spotlight on the top. On the bottom has the storage cabinet then you can put something inside. On the design of the display showcase, we put the lighted box or posters for advertising.



Our company has a design team that can make a beautiful cosmetic kiosk design for you. The size we will make according to your location size. And please send us your logo file then we can add it to the cosmetic kiosk design. For the cosmetic kiosk 3d design, we can change it if you are not satisfied with it.

Please feel free to contact us for more details. Email: Thank you!

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