Hot sale makeup display stand retail cosmetic kiosk design

In the shopping mall, we can see many kinds of retail kiosks. One of the hot sales products is the cosmetic product and very popular with the young girls. If you want to start a cosmetic business in the shopping mall, we can make a cosmetic kiosk to display the makeup product.

How to start a cosmetic kiosk business is what many new businessmen worry about. We will guide you on how to start it and share with you some cosmetic kiosk designs. Here is a hot sale makeup display stand retail cosmetic kiosk design, let us see the 3d design of it.



For you to start a cosmetic kiosk business, a good cosmetic kiosk design is the most important. This cosmetic kiosk needs to fit your need and display the products clearly.

The design of this cosmetic kiosk has the product display area, a cashier area and a makeup mirror station. On the back side is for the advertising area. It has the logo, advertising TV and lighted box on it.



For the material of a cosmetic kiosk, we will use MDF with baking paint. And on the bottom of the cosmetic kiosk, we will install the stainless steel toe kick to protect it. The logo we will make according to the logo file the customer provides to us. And the material of the logo, we can use an acrylic logo.


Make a 3d design – The first and the most important step is to make a customized 3d design. We will make it with the size and the logo you want.

Give a quote – After we finalize the final 3d design, we will send the exact quote to you.

Start the production – A 50% deposit before production and 50% balance before shipping.


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