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Recent years many people will choose to do a hairdressing kiosk to start their barber business instead of a shop.

Do a barber shop rent is high, and shop decoration cost also needs to spend a lot of money. A small kiosk is welcomed by many customers. If your budget very small, you can choose just do a hair demo counter for 1-2 person to do hair beauty also ok.

Today I want to share you a functional hair demo counter:

hair demo counter

this hair demo counter size is 2.4m by 1.2m, total black match white color. 

It is a very functional demo counter. Size just 2.4m by 1.2m but made full of space very well.

It comes with 2 demo stations, one on each opposite side. 

hair demo counter hair demo counter

I said it is very functional because as you see, it also has hair straighteners and boosters display areas,

hair extension display area. To put hair straighteners, it did an area with round holes used to put hair straighteners on the countertop.  Also designed some shelves to put hair beauty products, this is very convenient for barbers to use.

the counter is not big, but take all things and places into consideration, very practical design.

Do you like it?

If you ready do a small hair business or used in a hair shop, this can be an idea.


Unique kiosk aims to supply nice quality with good price, help you get what you want.

Here we have our own design team and experienced workshop if you have desire do a hair business just feel free contact us!


Contact:Jessy Duan
Mob(whatsapp):+86 13631655904






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