Sushi is a kind of Japanese cuisine. The main ingredients are vinegar rice cooked with vinegar, sugar, salt, and fat and slightly sweet Japanese pearl rice. After cooling down, add fish, seafood, vegetables, eggs, or other meat, etc. as ingredients.  I personally like sushi very much, but it is a bit expensive. Apart from sushi restaurants, shopping malls are the places where I have seen sushi the most. There are many types of sushi, either ready-made or made on-site. It is a very popular business, so more and more people regard it as the beginning of their business. In the mall, we can see many sushi stand.

Sushi Stand Description

We can actually clearly see its overall style and the equipment inside from the design diagram below. We all know that sushi requires a lot of ingredients, so we need some containers to hold all our ingredients, food, etc. Next to it is a workbench where we can make sushi. On the other side of the container are a cash register and a Coke machine. We all know that most sushi is rice, which can be served with a drink. If the customer has ordered his sushi, we can also directly prepare drinks for him.

On the other side of the stand are some sinks and other machines, such as ice machines or microwave ovens. These are all machines and designs that must be used in our business. When we are designing, we must clearly explain the size and type of our machine to the design, so that we can leave a suitable space for our machine.


Size: 4x2m

Material: Plywood

Surface finish: Solid wood, laminate

Glass: Tempered glass

Logo/fish decoration: Acrylic

Others: LED light, lightbox, ceiling lamp

Production time: About 28 working days



Sushi Stand Decoration

The decoration of our sushi stand is generally composed of the logo, lightbox painting, and light strip. The light strip of this stand may not be obvious, but we can see it from the reflection on the ground. There is a white light strip under the counter. The logo is an essential thing for every stand. In addition to the logo, we can also see some shiny fish models. The signature of sushi is fish, such as salmon, octopus, etc., which are all signature products of sushi. The lightbox in the corner can put pictures of our sushi or our menu. At the top, we can see a pole with hanging lights, which can also be used as a decoration for our stand. Of course, its main function is the lamp above, which can bring us enough light.

Sushi Stand Material

This stand is made of plywood and solid wood. Its surface is covered with solid wood leather, which looks very textured. Solid wood is one of the more popular and more cabinet surface treatments. Brown means we are wood-grain laminates, and our wood-grain laminates have many colors to choose from. A darker color can be used with gray solid wood.

These are the basic materials of our kiosk. The logo is made of acrylic. We need you to send us the source file of the logo and the picture of the lightbox so that we can produce it.

How to order a mall kiosk?

Our ordering process is very simple. Since the size of the location we get in the mall is different, the size of our stand needs to be made according to the location of the mall. In addition, we have our own logo and machine, and it is impossible to choose a stand that fully meets our requirements. So we need to design a new one. The first step for us to start a stand is design. Through the design, we can confirm all the details, we can also send the design to the store, after passing the review, we can start production.

The design of our stand is allowed to be modified, it can also be designed according to your ideas, it can be customized. So you don’t have to worry about your dislike of our design. Our design fee is 300USD, it can be deducted from your final payment when we place an order. Our design time is 2-3 working days. If you have a space in the mall, let’s make the stand design first.

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