Green Color Fresh Juice Kiosk Fruit Shop Booth for Sale

juice kiosk  Are you looking for a juice kiosk to start a business in the mall? Today, I want to share a nice juice kiosk with you. This juice kiosk is in green color, mainly used to sell fresh juice, smoothie, and fruit. You can also add new elements to get a unique juice shop kiosk design.

3D design juice shop

This juice kiosk size is 6m by 3m, it looks like a juice shop in the mall. This juice kiosk includes a work table, sale window display, draws, ceiling, lightbox painting. We can arrange workplaces, display areas, and storage cabinets well and show them directly in a 3D design.

juice stand

The layout of the juice kiosk

We can see the front area has a long L shape display counter with a curved corner, that increases workspace. The counter table has glass display cabinets full of all kinds of fresh fruit, which makes people feel they can buy fresh fruit and juice from your shop. You can set the POS system here in the curved corner for ordering. At the counter body has two lines of yellow lighting that increase glow well. Lightbox paintings are set here to attract clients.

juice shopInside view

Inside has a working counter with wall decoration. We can see there is a water sink in the middle and a brand sign on the wall with green grass background. On the top has a lighting box to show fresh fruit and help people to choose the juice products. LED lighting not only for decoration but also increase the shop brightness. The countertable is marble stone, that is durable to use and easy to clean. The wall has a brown solid wood decoration, that increases the feeling of nature.

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