Yello and White Juice Kiosk Lemon Bear Booth for Sale

fresh fruit kiosk

Fresh juice and fruit are popular as it views as healthy food. It’s a good idea to open a nice juice kiosk in the shopping mall. You can use it to sell fresh juice, bubble tea, roll ice creams, etc. It’s a custom-made kiosk that you can decorate freely.

The layout of the juice kiosk

This juice kiosk includes a display counter, bar table, brand logo wall, showcase area, work counter, and cashier counter. The size is 2.5m by 2.5m. you can also make it other sizes. As you have different styles, our designer can do 3D designs based on your needs. No matter what size of juice kiosk you want, you can find it in Unique Display

juice stand

Display counter

The display counter has equipment at the top. Near it has a lemon bracket to place lemons. It makes people feel fresh and keep a good mod. The bottom area has lock cabinets to place items.

Working counter

The workbench at the back is mainly used to store the refrigerator, and the sink can also be placed here for easy use. We can also increase storage areas in appropriate places to put more materials, topping bar also adds here to meet clients needs. There is a sneeze guard on the counter to ensure that the food is not contaminated.

lemon kiosk

Brand logo wall

There is the brand logo on the counter body, which makes people remember you well. While the side area has lightbox painting, delicious fruit and juice will attract more clients.

Material show

This juice kiosk mainly uses MDF with baking paint to make the finishes. That makes your juice shop outstanding and feeling well. Other materials include stainless steel, acrylic logo, tempered glass, and even Corian stone table.

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