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Summer is a good time to eat fresh fruits. Nowadays, more and more families have purchased a juicer. In hot weather, drinking a cup of fresh juice is cool and sweet. Compared with carbonated drinks, people all think that fresh fruit juice to drink is good taste, nutritious and convenient. 

If you want to start a business, you can make a juice bar counter. You can check the juice kiosk design on our website and choose your favorite style. Meanwhile, our company can make a customize juice kiosk design for you. Here let us share a juice bar counter design with you.



This is a small juice bar counter with bar chairs. It has a display shelf that can store the fruit and some foods. On the countertop of the juice kiosk can put the juice machine and some cups etc. And on the right side of the juice bar counter is the lighted box menu and can add the logo as you like.



Our company has a design team that can make a customized 3d juice kiosk design for you.

For the juice bar counter design, you can let us know the size, the material, the style you want.

Then we will make it in the 3d model and send it to you. You can check the 3d juice kiosk design and let us know your comments.

We can change the 3d design for you if you think anything need to change.



Our factory will install a whole juice bar counter in our factory. We will install the lights, wires and sockets and so on.

When the customer receive the juice kiosk, put them together and connect male and female connectors together.

Then connect to your local power supply the whole juice bar counter will work.


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