Attractive Fast Food Restaurant Booth Shopping in Shopping Mall

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A fast-food restaurant is a good place to seel food and drink. Most food restaurant has a kitchen counter, display showcase table, and dining table for eating. It’s a good idea to customize the restaurant booth, as you can decorate it to meet your brand theme. Here is a nice fast food restaurant kiosk sharing with you.

Food restaurant kiosk design

This kiosk includes a glass display counter, corner display shelving. It is not only for making food but also use to sell products to increase business. The roof of the restaurant has a brand name and ceiling light to make the food kiosk bright.


We can see the front area has long glass display cabinets with shelving inside to place items. The lighting lamp hides the glass counter to highlight the products, which attracts people very much. In the middle has a trapezoidal reception desk with brand name and signage. Clients order food and pay cash here.

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Corner Display counter

We can see there are two display counters in the corner. It is in brown color and white counter edges. It has wide bottom and narrow top, that can increase the layering of product placement. There are many poeple plan to make full use of the new design drawing. It don’t have sharp angles that won’t hurt any more.

Dining table

The side of food kiosk has dining table with chairs. Bar center is tall than working counter inside. Equipments can also place here to save space.

juice kiosk

Wall cabinet

A large glass display machine set near the entrance. That can show cakes, ready food for sale. We can see the back wall has cabinets with locks. Work counters on the kiosk. Water sink with tap set on the counter table. The microw waves can set here for usage.

Material details

Main material: MDF

Finishes material: High glossy baking paint

Other materials: Stone, light box painting, acrylic signage, stainless steel, tempered glass.

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