Gelato is a kind of dessert that originated from Italy, and it is the only category of ice cream in Europe. It is famous for its variety of flavors, handmade, and nutritional value. In shopping malls, we can often see it. If you are selling gelato, then I think you know better than me how it is made and what flavors it has. There are many types of gelato display kiosks. Today I want to introduce you to a very popular yogurt display kiosk-style.

Gelato Display Kiosk Description

We are a supplier of a kiosk in a shopping mall. We may be a little more familiar with the production of a kiosk than you. Our kiosk supports customization, including its size, size, material, and color. If you want to create a new kiosk, we can customize a unique style for you.

gelato kiosk design

When it comes to gelato, the most indispensable thing is our ice cream display machine, which has a cooling function. We can see that the number of plates in this gelato machine can be selected. If you have more flavors, you can choose a machine with more plates. This ice cream machine is placed directly in front of the kiosk, because this is our main product, our customers can directly choose their favorite flavor here.

In addition to gelato, we can also sell other products. Such as pancakes or coffee milk. The size of the machine required for these products is relatively small, we can directly put the machine on the counter.

In addition to the machine we are working on, we can also see a sink at the corner and a sunken cabinet on the right to put our cash register. In this way, a complete kiosk is completed. If you have a refrigerator, we can put it under the counter.

Gelato Display Kiosk Material Information

Basic material: MDF                   

Surface finish: Baking paint       

Glass: Tempered glass                   

Logo: Acrylic                                     

Kick: Stainless steel                         

How to assemble the kiosk?

Considering the problem of transportation, our kiosks are made and packaged separately. It can be divided into 6-7 parts. Every part is complete. You don’t need to install anything. When you receive the goods, you just need to put them together and connect the male and female connectors at the bottom of them. The top is the same. The pillars of the top can be inserted directly into the holes of the cabinet below. Our main wire is in the cashier’s cabinet, you need to connect it to the mall, and then turn on the switch to work.

How to order the mall yogurt display kiosk?

If you want to customize the shopping mall kiosk, you need to tell me the size you want, send the kiosk pictures you like, and your logo. If you have an ice cream maker or refrigerator, we also need to know its size. This way we can leave a position for the machine in the kiosk. The first step of design, only after confirming the design, we can start production.

How can I get the kiosk?

When we finishing the kiosk production, we can ship the kiosk to your nearest port or your detailed address. We will send you the information needed for customs clearance and delivery. When the ship is about to arrive at the port, someone will inform you in advance.

What is the kiosk price?

Our kiosk price based on size, material, and style. It depends on the final design. Such as this yogurt display kiosk. Its size is 4x2m, it is made of MDF and baking paint, the price is about 6800$.

Time Details

Design time: Design time is about 2-3 working days. The design fee is 300$, when we place an order, it will be returned to you.

Production time: About 25-28 working days when we confirming the design and construction drawings.

Transportation time: It depends on your country. In general, it is 25-35 days.


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