Mini food bar popsicle display fridge gelato kiosk design for sale

Popsicle is one of the most familiar cold food, it does not contain a lot of cream like ice cream, and aromatic sweet, soft taste, it is very simple, juice, milk and so on frozen into ice cubes. Popsicles are usually made of water, juice, sugar, milk, etc. mixed and stirred and frozen.

They are generally long in shape, with a thin stick in the middle and one end exposed for holding. Because Popsicle is a piece of ice, so the taste is crisp, and summer eating especially quenches thirst. This is a mini food bar popsicle display fridge gelato kiosk design for your reference. 



This food kiosk is for selling popsicles, ice cream, gelato and other foods. For the design we can make it according to your needs, for example, we can make your brand logo on the design. For the surface finishes, we can put the posters or advertising TV.

Inside the ice cream kiosk, we usually need to make it with a cashier area, a water sink and an area for you to put the equipment machine. Please send us if you have the equipment list then better for us to make the 3d design.


We usually ship the ice cream kiosk by sea. Please send us your address for example, the mall address. So that we can check the shipping cost for you. We can ship the gelato kiosk to the port or door to door address both okay.

After it arrived at the port, please pick it up at the port and arrange the delivery to your address. If you choose door to door service then not need to pick it up. They will delivery to your address directly.

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