More and more nail salons have opened in recent years. Girls nowadays like to do manicures more and more because beautiful nails can make their hands look better and more beautiful. Do nice nails will let ladies feel happy. Now services such as manicure, beauty, and eyebrows are developing faster and faster. So if you still thinking about doing what kind of business in the new year, can try to do a nail manicure. Nail manicures and pedicures are very easy to learn, and the cost is small, just some nail polish and small tools can finish the progress, now because the nail beauty more and more colors and sorts. so do nail manicure price also higher than before. Many people will choose to do a nail manicure studio than just do a whole nail shop. if you are new started, can try a nail studio.

see this nail manicure studio, you will find it is a very elegant style. White matched some bright red, added some lighted Carved flowers, looks very nice. This kiosk size is 6m by can see it comes with 6 nails at the front, the middle is a cash counter and nail polish display cabinet, back are 5 pedicures. On the wall also put some glass shelves for nail polish. It also has a small sink for customers to wash hand. Near the pedicure area have 3 nail tanks decoration.

Some detailed info for this nail manicure booth for your ref

1.size:6m by 5m on the photo or customize as your size
2.color:red,white,pink,wood color
3.materials used: MDF with white paint finish, pink paint finish, wood laminate, leather sofa
4.items included:6 nails,5 pedicures,one sink,illuminated logos,led signs,chairs can also included tempered glass
6.hardware: stainless steel handle

Do you also interested in opening a nail kiosk in the mall? if you want a new design as your needs we can help, we have a professional design team and own factory, can help you create the design and make the kiosk as your needs!

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