Food booth smoothie ice cream kiosk design for sale

Do you want to make a kiosk to start a food business? If you want to start a food business, you need to think about what food you want to sell. And you can start to establish your own brand first. Then you can search some good place at the shopping mall or food shop location. A good location is the most important of a successful business.

Proper and effective branding – How your products are displayed is crucial to the success of your mall kiosk. People generally walk through malls at a good clip. If they can’t easily recognize what you are selling or what your kiosk is about, they are less likely to break stride and go in for a closer look. With well-placed lighting and signage, your mall kiosk design will clearly and attractively present your products. So when we design the smoothies kiosk, we need to put your logo on the smoothies kiosk design and let the passers know what you are selling.

How to make the mall used smoothies kiosk design

Choose a design that is visually appealing and engaging. – A smoothies kiosk design should pique the interest of passing customers and draw them in for a closer look at your products. But you don’t have to be flashy to attract attention. A friendly, inviting look is just as likely to draw customers. Remember, while conventional stores have to lure you inside to view their products, but the mall kiosk is in full view of passers-by.

When it comes to design, less is more. – A simple, clean smoothies kiosk design will better display your products than an overcrowded space. If there is too much going on, your amazing products and services simply become a blur to passing customers. By clearly displaying your wares, they will draw the eye—and the customer. Usually, two colors for the kiosk design is enough. The color we can combine as you like. We combine wood and black color for this smoothie ice cream kiosk design.

Smoothie ice cream food mall kiosk

The size of this smoothie ice cream food kiosk is about 4x3m. We put the customer’s logo on the top and the side wall. On the front of the smoothie ice cream kiosk has a small counter for the cash register. So that the customer can come here and order the food they want. For the equipment, please send us if you have the equipment list, then we can leave the correct space for you. On the countertop, we make some round topping area for you to prepare the food material. And on the back side of the smoothie kiosk we have the bar area for the customer to sit and have rest here. It has the frosted glass on the front so it can hidden what is inside. The outside view of the smoothie kiosk we put some lighted box, round shape lighted box, square lighted box for you to put some pictures inside.


The material of the smoothie food kiosk

We will use plywood for the basic material of the smoothie food kiosk. And the surface with laminate finish. We have the laminate color sample for you to choose. You can choose the color you want. The countertop we will use man-made stone. It is a waterproof and strong material for the countertop of the food kiosk. The glass is 8mm tempered glass, we have two choices. One is clear tempered glass, and another one is frosted tempered glass. All the kiosk we will make the stainless steel toe kick on the bottom. It can protect the smoothie ice cream food shopping mall kiosk.



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