someone says the woman’s wardrobe will never be full. For women, no matter how many clothes, there is always one less. At the turn of spring and summer or the turning of autumn and winter, it is inevitable to buy seasonal clothes. thinking about the season change, it is time to add a new dress. The popularity element of clothes is different every year. And our fashion taste is changing every year. So the garment store is where we must to come in when we go shopping.   It is a market demand for women’s garment stores. the women are always picky about clothes.



There are many reasons to buy clothes for them. Firstly if They are may not satisfy with the matches between tops clothes and bottoms. Eg a jacket looks nice when they wear it, but it is perfect when a skirt matches this jacket. If they have not such a skirt, then they will go to the garment shop.   Secondly, This dress is too dark, that dress is too gaudy, and it is not in harmony with the environment we are going to today.     This one is old, that one is outdated, In short, there is always a lack of a piece satisfactory dress in the woman’s wardrobe when needed.   Thirdly, Women’s love for beauty is an instinct. Some women like simple beauty, some women like elegant beauty, some women like noble beauty, some women like seductive beauty … no matter what kind of beauty a woman likes, you need a variety of clothes to come which performed.    


introduce of our retail garment store interior design

Layout: a checkout counter+some display racks( for hang clothes )+display cabinet+display stand.  4 Fitting rooms are at the left side. garment store  garment store garment store   1.matirial: plywood with wood venner, solid wood.                                                                                                                                        2.size:100sq meters                                                                                                                                                                                          3.usage: shopping mall or retail store                                                                                                                                                     4.production time:25-30 working  days

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