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Various e-commerce platforms have come out one after another. It making online shopping increasingly popular, which has impacted many physical stores. And clothing stores are a typical one. Some people have this question. Does it make sense to open a garment shop when online shopping is so popular? The answer is: of course. Now let us see more views on why physical stores is necessary as online shopping.


Necessary for Garment shop

1. Online shopping is very convenient, you can buy without leaving home. But customers will pay attention to quality in addition to convenience. The quality of clothes online varies. Some are poor quality, but we can not touch the fabric across the screen. In this case, it is impossible to buy some unsatisfactory clothes. Even if when we buy big brand clothes, we always choose the physical garment shop. Online stores may buy substandard goods or fakes, and physical stores are more secure. Not to mention that some big brand does not have online stores, only physical store sales channels.

2. Clothes are to be worn on the body, it is not disposable items, so comfort and fit are important. Although we bought it according to the usual size when buying it. But there are always times when we don’t fit. And online clothing cannot be tried on, so it can’t meet everyone’s body needs.

3. Although return online is not difficult now. But usually, the buyer undertakes the postage. If a 7$  T-shirt we bought on-line is not fit our body. It is not worthwhile when we pay for 2$ postage to return it back. So still have many people who want to open the physical clothes store. If you don’t want to start the clothes shop, we can help you to do it. Here is the new garment shop we designed recently for your reference.

About the clothes and shoes shop design:

This is a garment shop size of about 30 square meters. It has a arc-shape cashier counter at the corner. And the wall display cabinets around the shop. The wall display cabinets all has the shelves with the Led strip light on each layers. You can display the clothes or shoes on the shelves and below we have the cabinet for storage. The middle it is a small room for fitting room. The customer can try on clothes here. Near the fitting room 2 small display stands. You can display some accessories or shoes here. Below of them are for storage also. 

The material of this clothing shop is MDF with white baking paint and veneer with varnish. The wood color with white color let the whole shop look very comfortable and Japanese style. On the ceiling of the garment shop is some track lamp. This kind of track lamp is suitable for the interior store. So we suggest to use this kind of track lamp. You can make it in your local. Or we offer them to you and you install in your store is also ok.

garment  shop

How to make the 3D customize design?

Usually, if the customer want to start a store. It need to find a good store location first. This is the most important and the first step. And then, after you get the detailed floor plan from the landlord, please send to us. Our designer can make the shop customize as your floor plan. We need to make a 3d design of the whole shop to see how many display furniture we need to put. 

That is why usually our customer ask us how much for a store then we can only quote an estimate cost. Because we need to make it in the 3d design to see the effect. For the store deisgn, 500-800USD for the design deposit. We can revise the design for you if you have any idea. Welcome to contact us to get start for your own garment shop, thanks a lot!

garment  shop 


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