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Nowadays, Women’s clothing stores can be seen everywhere. There may be more than 10  women clothing stores on one street.  The saturation of the women’s clothing stores makes the women’s clothing business not so good. Actually, menswear has been a hotspot of consumption in recent years. As men pursue and improve the quality of clothing, more and more men’s clothing stores are opened. With the improvement of people’s living standards, aesthetic consciousness is constantly changing. The demand for clothing is no longer to solve the cold in the past but to pursue fashion and trends.    




Modern men are more particular about their personalities and tastes. People have changed their requirements for dressing. high-quality, new styles, good brands, casual, outdoor, sports and other apparel are more welcomed.     Here is some tips for opening men’s clothes store: 1.Market positioning must be the popularization of consumer routes.If the consumption route taken by apparel products is popular, then there will be many consumers who have demand for the products, so that the business path will become wider and wider.2. the choice of the location of the store is very important. more attention to clothing brand benefits.    



Introduction of this men’s clothes store.

from the picure we see that it is high-end fashion design. we see the cash counter in the middle at a glance when we enter into the store. A black clapboard wall behind the cash counter. we can customize the store name logo on it. There is 2 sofa , a pot of plant , 2 display cabinets in the rest area. these 2 display cabinets  we can show the watches or other accessories. This men’s clothes store shapes as a rectangle. The four sides we decorate clothes display rack, clothes cabinets. we can sell men’s suit, T-shirt,  men’s underwear, men’s shoes etc.The store  can also provide the 3 Fitting rooms.  



men's clothing store  men's clothing store men clothing store men clothing store      

  • Size: 100sqm.
  • Color:  Wood color, black.
  • Material: MDF, wood , plywood with surface baking paint, stainless steel. 
  • Service: Men’s clothes, shoes, handbags, watches, underwear etc.
  • Accessories: led light, spotlight, hardware, sofas
  • Usage: shopping mall or clothing store.


Contact Information

Contact person: Eva

WhatsApp:+86 13410688780


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