How to open a clothing store with a monthly income of 1 million$?

Now many people do not like to work for others, as their own business like a boss. Many young people (especially women) want to start their own clothing store. But they don’t know how to start. Because it’s their first time and they have no experience. What to do with this clarity? Here are some tips on how to start a clothing store for beginners.


Firstly, Make a budget:

The green hands definitely need to make a budget before they start a clothing store. The budget should include a detailed plan of how much the store will cost, how much it will cost each month, how much revenue (profit) it will bring in each month, how many people it will hire to help, and so on.

Secondly, Location:

For starters, the location of a clothing shop is a critical part of the job, as it relates to customer traffic. Therefore, before the site selection, we should consider whether the location of the store is convenient for transportation, and also consider the consumption level of people in the area where the store is located, which needs to be investigated by the novice before the store is opened.

Thirdly, Store decoration:

After determining the address of the clothing store, you need to consider how to decorate the store. The decoration style of clothing stores often affects the performance of clothing shops. A clothing store with unique decoration style will attract many customers to patronize it. So the novice people ten million less than in the decoration is too careless, more can’t stingy the cost of this decoration.

Finally, Quality of clothing is key:

People set up shop is not only once the business, but all also hope that repeat customers come back, I believe the owner of a clothing store has deep experience, so as a novice in the clothing shop must ensure that the quality of their clothes is qualified. Only your clothing quality is OK, get the recognition of the customers, so there will be a steady stream of business to come.




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