Fashion retail display showcase mall retail gifts kiosk for sale

I have received an inquiry about pop culture merchandise toys kiosk last Friday. The client will sell small retail gifts in it in the shopping mall. Like shirts, wallets, mugs, toys. As he said,” he should work on some additional ideas before we go into full production and talk about this idea with shopping mall”. Yeah, it is the correct! It is the right business steps in the shopping mall.

We will help him design a similar one according to his favorite retail gifts kiosk. At the same time, we will add his extra ideas and requests in it. So that he can show his own 3D design & ideas to mall check and talk about more details with mall to get the initial approval.

The size of above retail kiosk is 10ft x 8ft.  As for the material, it can do MDF with baking paint or plywood with laminate. Of course, we also do kiosk according to our customer’s budget. You know, if you want to buy a high-quality kiosk (better than normal kiosk), you will spend more cost on it. on the contrary, a common kiosk is less expensive than a high-end one.

All the external are display areas, some are stairs racks, some are display shelves with LED strips on the top.  In the interior, under the display areas are storage cabinets with locks. It is not a big display showcase, however, everywhere is display area. So customer could sell more products in it. Lower cost to get high profit.

If any demand for mall kiosks, shops, please send me freely.


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