Sometimes the visual impact is stronger than the other senses. Just think, when you enter a shopping mall, are you first attracted by beautiful things? So, today we are going to talk about this beautiful and eye-catching candy house.

Design details
1. Wall design

We painted the walls with colorful paint to make the candy house look very bright. And this color design will give people a strong visual impact, let people have a romantic dream feeling. Under the light of the chandelier, the whole wall becomes more bright and beautiful. Cute candy models in various shapes are also hung on the roof, which adds to the romantic atmosphere of the candy house.

2. Cabinet design

We designed to place cabinets around and on three sides of the candy house, and the colors of the cabinets are yellow, blue and pink. And all the cabinets have four layers, the capacity is relatively large, can place more kinds of candy. Light strips are mounted on the sides of all cabinets. Under the illumination of the light and the color of the cabinet, the overall appearance level will be greatly improved and it will look more delicious.

3. Design small decorations

We placed two three-level and one two-level tables in the middle, and decorated the center table with some decorations. Its overall situation badminton, this small decoration is not out of place, but makes the whole candy house look more coordinated. At the front of the candy house are two cartoon characters and a cartoon candy. We designed two cartoon characters at the door, so as to attract the children’s attention. The design of this candy can let people intuitively know that this store is operating candy.

Custom contact

The main materials used in this candy house are MDF and baking paint. We are a famous display cabinet customization factory in China, we can customize the display cabinet according to your needs, if necessary, please contact us!

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