Coloured candy shop

This candy booth designs to display and sells all kinds of delicious candy. It makes use of high quality materials. The structure is strong and the appearance is fashionable and beautiful.

The design of the pavilion focuses on functionality and display effect. The picture below helps us understand this concept. Each side of the pavilion is unique and innovative. Especially the design of the rotating pavilion. Will definitely help you attract more children consumers. It will also attract a lot of girls to stop and spend. The full range of open design allows customers to clearly see the appearance and type of candy. Grab their attention.

specific details

This pavilion is very colorful and bright. Each part of the support column inside the use of solid wood or artificial stone material. The outside interlaces with powder-white baking paint, like candy shapes. The top of the kiosk designs in the shape of melting ice cream. The designer chose blue paint to match the overall style of the pavilion. The design places candy and animal shapes around the support posts. It adds a lot of eye-catching pictures to the whole display booth. Inside, the display area displays different flavors and shapes of candy.making it easy for customers to choose.

In order to provide good lighting effect and display effect. The pavilion equips with bright lights both inside and outside. Makes the candy more colorful and attractive. In addition, the display kiosks can be customized according to your needs. Such as adding a brand identity or special decorative elements. To match your shop style.

This candy display case is not only a tool for storing and displaying candy. It is also a tool to attract customers and enhance sales. It can create a cheerful, sweet atmosphere for your shop. Increase customers’ desire to buy. No matter where your store’s location is . This display case will be a striking focus.

If you are interested in our candy kiosk. Please feel free to contact us for more information. We will be happy to provide you with quality products and services. Help you create an impressive candy display area.


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