Candy is a childhood dream, a single candy can fill our childhood memories. When we were young, a small candy could heal all the bad emotions in our heartsNowadays, with the improvement of living standards, people buy candy not only because of its sweetness, but also because of its appearance. So a comprehensive candy sales booth can not only classify various types of candies, giving them a more beautiful container, but also enhance their appearance and attract more people to buy candies.

Design details

This is a pink and white candy stall that stands out among many stalls in the mall. We have designed several small compartments on the side of the candy booth and installed light strips. The top grid is too high. We can consider adding some decorations, and the two squares at the bottom can be used to make candy. The overall appearance level of the candy house has become higher. And under the illumination of the decorative background and light strip, not only does the appearance level greatly improve, but it also becomes more eye-catching. The roof adopts a pink white light strip hollow design, giving people a romantic and dreamy feeling. At the same time, several chairs have been designed outdoors for people to rest, and those who are tired can also come and rest. Such a beautiful candy house can also attract more people to come and consume.

Customized contact

This candy booth uses MDF and baking paint. We are a famous display cabinet customization factory in China. No matter what kind of kiosk you need, we can customize it according to your needs. Click on the following website to browse more related products manufactured by our factory. If you need them, you can contact us for customization. Thank you!

candy design kiosk

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