Fancy Boba Smoothie Kiosk Bubble Tea Counter For Shopping Mall

No matter where we go, we usually see young people holding a cup of bubble tea or smoothie in their hands. But why? Why do so many people like to drink bubble tea? We all know that bubble tea originally originated in Taiwan. And now there is boba smoothie kiosk all over the world. People like boba tea mainly because of the yummy taste. As a drink, it has many different tastes. It can add fruits, chocolate, etc and it can meet different people’s tastes and needs.

Do a bubble tea business cost is small, just need a small kiosk, one or two staff will be enough. Meanwhile, the materials cost is low, but the price of a cup of bubble tea is high. That is why profit is big. Now instead of opening a bubble tea shop, many people choose to open a small bubble tea kiosk in the shopping mall. Don’t need to rent a whole shop. Just a small space in the shopping mall can help you to start a bubble tea business. Sounds great right? Let us get a start with the bubble tea kiosk design first!

Fancy bubble tea kiosk design customized:

The summary details about the bubble tea kiosk:

  1. Size: 5m by 3m or other size customize for you.
  2. Materials: countertop used white man-made stone, kiosk surface used white, lemon yellow and brown wooden laminate, mosaic tiles.
  3. Items included: the whole bubble tea kiosk counter, sinks, 3d acrylic lighted logos, Led strip lights, lighted box menu, grass decoration.
  4. The production time: 25-28 working days after we confirm all the details.


The detailed description of the bubble tea kiosk:

This kiosk size is 5m by 3m on the 3d design. The color we use bright lemon yellow color, white color and match some brown wood color. And the back wall we use some mosaic tiles for the decoration. It makes the whole kiosk looks beautiful and fashionable. The front counter has 2 cash registers and one ice cream display machine in the middle of them.

Near the left one cashier counter has a lighted box menu for customers easy to find the foods on sale to select the taste they want. And the right corner is a bubble tea cup. For the bubble tea cup, we use MDF to make it. MDF is a material that can use to make many fancy shapes.

When the customer comes to your bubble tea kiosk, they can see your brand logo. Then the customer can know what you sell and what brand you are. Around the logo, there is a Led strip light. And the left side we designed a grass decoration. This bubble tea kiosk has many sinks because doing bubble tea needs a high demand for water. The countertop is a white man-made stone. We can put some small equipment machines on it. Something like squeezer, blender and so on.

The backside also has the acrylic logo, it is inside the back wall, and around it has the Led strip light. Do you like this fancy bubble tea kiosk design? Please welcome and we can customize a new bubble tea kiosk with your own brand logo. For the design and kiosk layout, we can discuss and change it as you like. For the kiosk design, we will charge 300USD design deposit but will deduct from the total cost when you order.

If you want to do a new bubble tea kiosk, just come here! Unique furniture Ltd. designed and did many food kiosks before, UK, USA, Australia, Canada, and  Saudi Arabia are our main markets. Thanks for reading.

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