Hello Everybody, i will introduce the Eyewear Display Rack in the Luxury Optical Shop for Sale to you. Glasses have been around for a long time, but the frames were simple. But now there are more and more styles of frames on the market, and they are really popular with the public. And now more and more nearsighted people, some children have been wearing glasses. So the glasses market is very popular, and the demand is relatively large. Some people like different models, different materials, so they will choose to go to the physical store to choose the right glasses to wear. The optial shop also will sell many type glasses, you can choose one you like best. And What things we need to attention? The appearance is important, its means that we need to consider the style of the shop, and the floor plan.

The Design

In order to attract more customers to enter into the optical shop, we need to pay attention to the appearance of the shop. So we can do a design firstly. Our Company is that the design, production and sales are in a body. So we can help you design the shop according your needs, you can tell us what style of the shop do you like. What kind of the Eyewear Display Rack do you need? The design will show all of your needs.

Prodution Details

  • Size: 60 square meter or the size you want
  • Material: MDF
  • Finishing: baking paint
  • Color: wooden color as the color you want
  • Style: Modern design
  • glass: 8mm clear tempered glass
  • hardware: stainless steel handle
  • others: Acrylic logo, light box, lock


How to Order?

  • You need to contact us to discuss your specific requirement regarding the shop( the size, style, if you have simple floor plan, it will be better)
  • Our design team will do a design according your needs.(At least 300 USD design deposit which is up to your shop size. But when you confirm the order, it will refund to your deposit) If you need some where need to change, you can tell me freely, we can help you modify it.
  • We sign the contract after the design has been approved.
  • 50% as a production deposit.
  •  We produce the kiosk according to the approved design.
  •  Quality inspection.
  •  You arrange the 50% balance.

Contact Information

Contact Person: Karena Email: sales01@myidea-kiosks.com Whatsapp & Wechat: 008613410560420 BACK TO OPTICAL SHOP


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