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As we know more and more people started to wear glasses, young people and students wear nearsighted glasses, old people need to wear reading glasses, and also people need sunglasses to block sunlight and protect eyes. Compared with other industries, physical eyewear stores are difficult to be replaced by e-commerce, because people need a ready-made vision test and try on glasses to know whether they are suitable.

Electronic products not only bring convenience to people, but also aggravate people’s myopia, so glasses demand is becoming bigger and bigger.So more and more glasses display cabinet made in the optical shop. The optical shop in our mind as usually is very bright and modern style.Yeah, because this kind of style can let people feel very nice.

Here let’s see an optical shop design:

See this glasses shop, it mainly used bright white match some black. The whole shop theme is very simple but very modern. When entering the shop you will find in middle is a long table, customers can sit here wait or have a rest.On the left and right all glasses display cabinets and sunglasses display racks, people can touch and see all the glasses. Against the back wall is the cash counter. On the left of cash counter has an area with tables and chairs, customers can chat here with the staff about their needs.

here are some detailed info for this optical shop

Size: 56 square meters or the size you want
Material: MDF,tempered glass
Finishing: white baking paint, black baking paint, tempered glass
Color: white, black
Style: Modern design
glass: 8mm clear tempered glass
hardware: stainless steel handle
others: Acrylic logo, lightbox, lock

Do you like these glasses shop design? if you also want to design and make your own optical shop, just feel free to contact us. Here we can supply you design service. Our professional design team can help design and make your shop as you want!

Tips for managing optical shops

Glasses as the shop’s main sales products, in the face of fierce market competition, the choice of products is very important. There is no doubt that the quality and after-sales service of branded glasses are guaranteed. You need to find the right glasses supplier in order to have a steady supply. And brands can easily get customers to trust and increase consumption desire.

Do a good technical service, through telephone consultation, online consultation for users to provide free consulting services, use good resources, develop new business. You also need to have professional personnel to provide glasses technical services, In order to recommend suitable glasses to clients. Besides, you should also perfect the after-sale service, so that people can feel your service and leave an impression.

How to start my optical shop design with you?

First, you need to get the right place or shop to start your business. Contact us and tell us your requirements. You should know your shop requirements clearly. Such as the color,  logo, and furniture you want, etc. We can also send our designs for your reference.

When we get all the details of your optician shop. We need you to send us the floor plan of your shop so that we can work on the design. We all know that seeing is believing. Doing the design first helps confirm the details. Before start designing, we usually charge $500-800 as a design fee. it depends on your shop size, it’s worth it to get the perfect design. And we will deduct it from the total price.

We will send you the 3D design for your confirmation in 5-7 working days. You can modify and add new ideas, and when you confirm the final design, we will also make construction drawings for you so that you can check everything is good. Once you confirm all the details, you can pay 50% order deposit and we can arrange the production.

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