Optical shop furniture design eyewear cabinets sunglass store fixture 

Eyeglasses are simple optical devices made to correct vision or protect the eyes. They compose of lenses and frames. Glasses are not only a tool to protect the eyes, but also a cosmetic decoration.

With the increasing disposable income of residents, consumers’ consumption power enhance and their consumption psychology is becoming more and more mature. The consumption demand for glasses is developing towards the direction of diversification and individuation. Therefore, it has become a new trend of eyewear retail to deeply explore the consumption preferences of specific groups and segment the consumer market. Above all, there are both mid-and high-end eyewear chain brands to meet the personalized needs of mid-and high-end consumers. And price-oriented affordable eyewear supermarkets to stimulate low-end consumption. For example, there are professional medical eye care institutions such as eye hospitals. As well as fast fashion optician shops that encourage people to have more than one lens.


Company information:

Our company Shenzhen Unique Furniture Ltd. has more than ten years experience for the customize furniture. Professional is our duty to future development is our common goal!

First, we have our own factory and near the office. So our sales team can send the production pictures at any time. Meanwhile, we have a strong and professional design team. Consequently, we customize the kiosk and make the 3D design for you with your logo and size. If you have other requirements please advise our sales team. We will get back to the designer and make a plan. First-class equipment, advanced technology, superior quality, high-quality service is the beginning of our cooperation. Welcome to inquiry. We would like to offer excellent service, quality workmanship and competitive price to all the customers.



Contact person: Amy Chen
Email: sales20@uniquekiosk.com
Whatsapp: 0086 18823466142
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