Exquisite Skin Care Products Display Kiosk Sail-shaped Sunscreen Product Display Cabinet

Skin care is a word that has become popular in recent years. Both men and women pay great attention to their skin management. Especially for girls, summer skin care is not only important, but also sun protection. If you choose to start your skin care business at this moment, then choosing a good skin care showcase is extremely important. Today, I will introduce you to a skin care product display cabinet in the shape of a sail.


  • Size:5*3 meters or according to your needs
  • Basic material: MDF, plywood
  • Other matesrial: Stainless steel,tempered glasses,solid wood, ect.
  • Surface finish: Laminate, baking paint
  • Logo: Lightbox, acrylic logo
  • Decoration: Advertising player, Lightbar, poster
  • Design Time: 3~5 working days
  • Production Time: About 28 working days when you confirm the design and drawings
  • Price: Depends on your final design


This sail-shaped skin care product display cabinet is mainly made of MDF material. Because MDF is often used in the shop decoration industry because of its flexibility. Only in this way can it be made into the sailboat shape of the reception desk. It has a solid surface and can be used for a long time. It is easy to process into different shapes and has high stability.It’s the most popular material to build display kiosks. The surface of the display cabinet is painted with paint. Our baking paint process mainly consists of 5 steps, and when finished, it will look like piano paint. As shown in the picture, your display cabinet will look beautiful and high-end as a whole, with bright colors, and bring out the quality of the product.


This skincare showcase is an open kiosk. It is mainly composed of two parts. A cashier area at the reception desk. One is the product display area and the experience area. This kind of open display cabinet allows customers to observe and feel the products you are selling up close. Can help you attract customers more quickly. The unique shape echoes the products you sell. Sails make people think of the ocean, and the sea makes people think of summer.

The bright yellow collocation is also easy to imagine the scorching sun. At this time, skin care and sun protection are more needed. Will inspire customers to want to try the products you sell. Behind the back wall of the display cabinet is a particularly good advertising display area. You can place your logo, poster, light box painting, etc. in this area. Allow customers to see your skin care display cabinet from a distance.


In addition to the color matching and shape design in the picture, we can provide customized services for you to redesign according to your needs. You can choose according to the products you need to display. You only need to tell us your requirements, and we will provide you with satisfactory services.


  1. We can set the area of the equipments you need according to your requirements. Give you a clear understanding of your kiosk. And you know it whether meets your business or requirements.
  2. Our design is USD300, then it will be deducted from your order amount in the end.
  3. And we provide you with 3D design drawings and construction drawing. You can submit these to the shoppoing mall for approval if you need.

If you want to know more details about the skin care display kiosk, please contact us at any time!

Email: :+0086 136 8246 0100

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