Elegant white nail bar kiosk with manicure table for sale

Hello, friends!  are you looking for beauty nail bar kiosk? are you still worry can’t find a direct supplier? if you plan to start your own beautiful nail salon kiosk, you will find what you want today here.

In this article, the one what I share is a very elegant white nail bar kiosk with manicure table for sale.

Basic information about this nail bar kiosk: 

  • Size: 4000X3000mm or customized. 
  • Color: white and yellow.
  • Material: MDF, Tempered glass.
  • Service: manicure, nail polish service.
  • Accessories: acrylic logo, lightbox.
  • Used: shopping mall, salon store.

You can see the whole kiosk mainly tone is white, match a little yellow. total is 4m length 3m width. the whole kiosk is closed, the nail technician is work inside. outsides have five manicure seating area for guests.

nail bar kiosk


The front part is a cashier counter, a surface with price letter and brand name letter showings, the left and right sides is a wave shape bar counter, looks very finish and attractive.

At the kiosk, backsides is a high display sign, with the logo and product lightbox showings. at the below is a glass shelf display for nail polish. at the whole kiosk insides with some yellow color cabinet and drawers.  it’s very good for storage.

nail bar kiosk


What points do you need the notice to build a nail bar kiosk like this one?

1. Get a lease in a mall. make sure what service you will provide. manicure, pedicure, and nail polish display.

2. Confirmed the whole kiosk-style, color, make it match your logo and environment.

3. Find a professional design team that helps you design,  to get the mall manager’s approval. 

4. Make it meet mall requirements. And finish last drawings, start production it.


Thanks for your time and reading, hope this article is helpful for your business. if you’re interested to build a nail bar kiosk like this one.  for more related info, please directly contact us. welcome inquiry!


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