Elegant White Color Perfume Kiosk with Curved Counter Design

perfume kiosk

Perfumes have become popular in our daily life. It brings us elegant flavor and covers unfriendly smells. It’s a good idea to open a nice perfume kiosk in the shopping center and earn money. Today, I want to share a classic perfume kiosk with you.

Elegant perfume kiosk in the mall

This perfume kiosk is in white, with glossy white effects, and upscale your perfume shop. Perfume kiosk size is 3m by 3m, very standard size in the shopping center. We can also customize it based on your shop size, such as 12ft by 15ft, and so on.

perfume kiosk design

Introduction of perfume kiosk

The perfume kiosk includes a cashier counter, curved display counter, round display shelf in the middle. It has multiple showcases to display perfumes.

Cashier counter

The cashier counter looks like an inverted trapezoid with a narrow base and wider top. A brand sign attaches the middle body to make more clients notice your perfume shop.

elegant shopCurved counter

This perfume kiosk has 3 curved counters in total. The outer arc length is 1.2m. It has an acrylic showcase at the top with a light lamp. While the bottom area has a locked cabinet for storage, and the brand sign on the surface.

Round display shelf

The round display shelf is set in the middle area to show the items. The top ceiling has 4 brand signs at the top, spotlight under the ceiling to increase brilliantly. The main body has multiple cabinets, shelves to show perfumes. And the bottom has two drawers to restore more perfumes for sale

White floor

The floor is white and the rounded corners look beautiful. We can also use another color, materials of floor match your shop theme.

Produce photos show

perfume kiosk perfume kiosk perfume shop

You can see how it looks like from the real product photos. It’s also looking better when install in the shopping center. If you need more information. Please kindly let me know. Thank you.

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