Solid wood perfume kiosk retail perfume display booth

Perfume is a high-end product and can as a gift for your friend. Many people start a perfume business with a perfume kiosk in the shopping mall. If you have an idea want to make a perfume kiosk in the shopping mall, we can give you some help. Today we will introduce a solid wood perfume kiosk design to you. Let us see the 3D design of it first.



This is the 3D design of the solid wood perfume kiosk. The design is a solid wood strip counter and with an acrylic lighted logo. For the display area, you can display the perfume in the glass display cabinet or on the countertop. It has a small cashier area, the customer can pay here.

The material of the perfume kiosk is solid wood strip, plywood with laminate. For the glass material, we can use tempered glass or update it to ultra-clear glass.

And the size of the perfume kiosk we can make according to your location size. This perfume kiosk size is about 3 x 3 m.




If you want to start a business, the first step is to make a customized kiosk design. Some customers said they do not need a customized design. If you want the same design and the same size, nothing needs to change, you can order it directly. But usually different customer has their different location. The location size is different, and also a different logo.

So actually we need to make a customized 3D design with your logo and size. For a customized 3D perfume kiosk design charge a 300USD design deposit and the modified service is for free. You can send the design to the shopping mall, if need to change anything, we can do it for you.

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