High-end stainless steel luxury perfume kiosk mall retail booth

Perfume is one of the popular products and especially for girls. Not only for the girls but also for some men. The perfume can add self-confidence and charm: on different occasions, asperse the perfume with appropriate shade, can add self-confidence and personal charm effectively. So we can help you to make a perfume kiosk to start a business in the shopping mall. Let us see a high-end perfume kiosk design as follow.



The size is 3 x 3 m of this perfume kiosk design. Meanwhile, we can customize it with the size you want. For the material, we also use high-quality material. The main material is MDF with white color baking paint and gold color stainless steel.

In the middle of the perfume kiosk, you can see a flower shape ceiling decoration, very beautiful. A whole perfume kiosk is a C shape counter that includes a small cashier desk. The C shape counter gold stainless steel with the white color Led strip light matches very well. And the middle pillar display and a seating area – a small desk with 2 chairs.



Usually, the first step we all need is to make a customized 3D design. After you get a location in the shopping mall, you will know the location size. Please get back to us the size of your location. A customize 3d perfume kiosk design charges a 300$ design deposit but will deduct from the total cost when you order from our company.

Why do we need to make a customize 3d kiosk design first? Because the different customer has their different location size and a different logo. And their requirement is different too. So we make a 3d kiosk design that can show the customer how it will look.



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