Elegant style shoe kiosk women high-heeled shoes display shelf

Most women love to wear high heels, especially 2-3 inches. Many women believe they walk more gracefully and elongate their figure. In the shopping mall, we can see many shoe stands and shoe kiosks. The people who want to start a business with a small location for the shoe kiosk.

If you also have an idea want to start a shoe business to sell women high-heeled shoes or other shoes, don’t just think, take action now! Below is an elegant style shoe kiosk women high-heeled shoes display shelf design for your reference.



This is a small booth to sell the women’s high-heeled shoes. We can see on the 3d design of this shoe kiosk is very beautiful and elegant. You can display the high-heeled shoes on the wall display shelf.

On the front of the wall display shelf has some round shape display stands that also can display high-heeled shoes. Meanwhile, the round shape decoration on the two sides can use for display, it has a layer of glass display shelf with the led strip light on it.



For the wooden body of this shoe kiosk, we will use MDF material. Because MDF is a material that can be bent into many shapes.

And the surface finish is white color baking paint and rose red color baking paint. And on the top is a big lighted box that can put the logo on it.

Around the shoe kiosk has the rose red color lighted acrylic looks really attractive.



A whole shoe kiosk we may need to make in two parts separate from the middle. The package is foam inside and a wooden box outside.

We can arrange the shipping for you to the port or door to door address.

The exact shipping cost or shipping time we can check for you if you can send us the details.

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