Elegant Small Crepe Kiosk Idea Retail 2m by 2m Food Booth in mall

Do you plan to open a small crepe kiosk in the mall center? With the fast development of society, we can find food kiosks almost in every mall center. Because, opening a food kiosk in the mall center need less cost and gain more profit. When the owner rent a 2m by 2m location in the mall and choose a suitable food booth, they can start their business. It’s very easy to operate. Today, I want to introduce a unique crepe kiosk to you.

Customized crepe cart food booth stand

As we can see in the design, the basic tone is white with black and wooden grain for decoration. In the font side, there is black background with white illuminate logo. People can checkout here. Closed to the door is a high stand with menu and brand logo, which can let people know our shop better. On the back side, you can put coffee machines and add sink here. While on the right side is to install crepe machine.

food booth

crepe kiosk

Basic information:

  1. Color: Black, white, wooden
  2. Size: 2m by 2m, we can make other dimension to match your location
  3. Main material: Plywood
  4. Surface: Laminate, wood veneer
  5. Counter top material: White man made stone
  6. Other materials: Stainless steel, acrylic, tempered glass, hardware, etc.
  7. Design idea: The design is follow on our customers’ requirements
  8. Design time: 2-3 business days
  9. Production time: 20-25 days

When you order the small crepe kiosk in Unique, we will add the light, cables to the kiosk for better use. And create a new 3D design to show your own shop decoration. If you need make small changes, we can modify in time. In this case, you can get the right container kiosk you want. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us.

Contacts: Sunny


WhatsApp: +86 13602680324

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