Attractive design customize size food kiosk pizza display case for sale

Hello everyone! Good morning. Are you going to open a pizza shop in the mall? Do you search for a pizza display case for your business? Do you need a unique designed kiosk to attracts more clients? Please hold on your step, today we are going to share a nice food kiosk here and hope you will like the design.

As we all know, food plays an important roll in our daily life. And we are likely to buy food that is delicious and easy to found. So when we are going to start a food shop, we need to find a good location in the mall.

Basic information

  1. Size: 3m×4m
  2. Color: Red and beige
  3. Material: Plywood with laminate
  4. Style: Modern and attractive style
  5. Other materials may use: Glass, man made stone, light box, light strip, hardware, stainless steel, acrylic and so on.
  6. Design idea: Unique design according to customers’ own idea

This pizza crepe display case is based on our customers special idea. We can see there are 2 checkout counter and we can see there are lots of advertise on the columns with delicious crepes. And there is a long bench counter in the center. There are a lot of storage cabinets. Usually, for easy clean and beautiful looks, we can choose man made stone to make the counter top. And the fridge is under the counter top. So when you need to put more machines, please let us know. We can find a good place and show in the 3D design. Do you like this pizza display case? Do you want to change it to the one you like?

pizza kiosk

More information

Our company Unique making mall kiosks for 10 years, we are sure that we can meet your demands. So when you has a unique design idea,  please feel free to share with us. Our excellent design team will give you more advice. You can also share the design you prefer, we will make a similar one with your own logo before production. When you want to know more information, please contact us soon. Thank you

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