Elegant Indoor Mall Coffee Kiosk Design with Spotlight For Sale

Coffee, tea, and cola are the three major drinks in the world, and tea and coffee are the most consuming. In fact,coffee has an unparalleled status in the western.No matter in school, company, shopping mall, or at home, no one does not take coffee. Coffee has the effect of refreshing and relieving muscle fatigue. Therefore,more and more people drink coffee in recent years.

How to open a coffee kiosk in the mall?

Step 1: Determine the business format-open a mall coffee kiosk.

The atmosphere of a coffee shop is very important.Usually coffee kiosk is warm color can give a comfortable and relaxed mood for customers.In addition, the coffee kiosk can not only sell coffee, but also other foods.Such as bread, sandwiches, salads, small cakes, etc.

Step 2 :Develop a business plan-detailed coffee kiosk business plan.

To open a coffee kiosk in the mall you have to make a detailed coffee kiosk business plan.This plan will help you solve some of the problems.Such as funding problems, coffee material supply problems, and employee training problems.For these problems should have a detailed plan to response.

Step 3: Site selection-determine the best business location.

First, you need to go to the mall to find the best location. And this location should be easy to be seen by guests, preferably a place with a lot of people. Because the operation of cafes requires a stable consumer group. Secondly, among the people who accept the concept of coffee, students, cultural people, diners, business people… occupy a large proportion. Therefore, we must find a way to capture the hearts of these people.

Step 4: Find financial support-set a budget.

Opening a coffee shop requires a large part of capital investment,and the profit cycle of operating coffee will be longer than operating other foods. Therefore, a capital budget must be made before the opening of the coffee shop to ensure that the business will not be suspended due to capital turnover issues. If you don’t have that much capital for starting a business, you can go to the bank for a loan, and the bank is usually willing to lend to someone who can make money.

Step 5: Coffee kiosk design-find a professional kiosk custom factory.

In the first step, you can find a factory with professional design team and commercial furniture manufacturing experience. Then, you can tell the manufacturer your needs and ask the manufacturer to design a coffee kiosk according to your requirements. Finally, the manufacturer will send you the final 3D design. After you confirm that it is correct, you can inform the manufacturer to arrange production and delivery for you.

Step 6: Employees-people who understand coffee.

An employee like a blank sheet of paper can train his coffee skills and teach him the company culture, but the key point depends on whether his nature is honest and reliable.

Step 7: Marketing communication-creative sales theme coffee Kiosk.

Opening themed cafes can attract many regular customers. Not only can you save traditional marketing expenses, but also make more people notice your store. And than some of promotional methods that trigger flyers, distribute gifts; discounts, special new products; sponsor activities, post advertisements and other promotional methods.


product information:

Product name:Mall Coffee Kiosk Design

Main material:Plywood+Solid wood

Logo:Stainless steel gold logo

Design:3D Drawing+CAD Drawings

Size:4m by 2m


Layout details

This coffee kiosk uses a roof design.And the design of the roof is very sturdy, waterproof, sun-proof and moisture-proof.
Besides,inside the coffee kiosk there are counters, cash registers,operate counter, sinks, lockers, cabinets, etc. There is a small entrance on the side.The operate counter can placing with coffee machines, coffee cups, and is equipping with a faucet and sink etc.

In addition,as you can see the wall behind the operating counter is decorated with solid wood strips.The menu list can be displayed on the solid wood strips so that convenient for guests to order meals.

All the above information is for your reference, if you want to open a coffee kiosk, please feel free to contact us, we will provide you with more detailed information, thank you!


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