10 x 10 ft cafe kiosk fashion food stall for the shopping mall

Coffee has become a part of our work and life. For example, when we wake up in the morning, the first thing is to enjoy a cup of coffee. During when weekend holiday, we can chat with friends in a cafe shop for a whole day. Or the students can study in a quiet and good atmosphere coffee shop. I think all sounds great right? Perhaps this is why we have grown to love coffee. Are you interested in starting a coffee business? If yes, please follow us for some ideas, hope it can help you.



If you want to start a coffee business, a coffee kiosk for the shopping mall is a good idea. You can establish your own brand and a logo. And then, you can search for a location in the shopping mall. It is better to find a middle location in the shopping mall center to avoid the location in the corner. Because a good location can get you more customers.

Another important is an attractive and useful coffee kiosk design. Please look at the below coffee kiosk design. It is a fashion and simple cafe booth design with white, gray and solid wood finish.


Size: 10 x 10 ft or customize size.

Material: Plywood with laminate, solid wood.

Countertop: Gray man-made stone or quartz stone.

Glass: 8mm tempered glass. ( 10mm, 12mm )

Others: Acrylic logo, lighted box, Led strip light, stainless steel toe kick.

It includes all the wires and sockets, water sink and all the cabinet doors with the same lock with key.


The shopping mall usually requires us to provide a detailed construction drawing and 3D design. So the first step we need to make a customized 3D design. Our design team will make a customized design for you with the size, the color and the style you want. If you have a logo, we can add it on the cafe kiosk.

For a customized 3D design charge a 300USD design deposit, but when you order a coffee kiosk from us it will deduct from the total cost. And we will make the changes for you if need. You can get back to us if you have any comments.

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