Hello friends, glad to meet you here. Are you going to open a beaty salon shop in the mall center? It’s a great idea to open a hairdressing station these days, as people want to have a cool appearance. When you provide manicure and pedicure service, I am sure you will win more customers and earn money. Today, I am goign to share a multi-functional beautiful salon kiosk with you. The color, layout, size, material can change on you own. Let’s learn more together.

Description about this hairdressing station

As we can see in the picture, the hairdressing station has 4 hair cutting counter. In the front side of mall kiosk, there are 4 nail table here with light. Next to it is checkout counter, customers can pay bills here. While in the corner is a glass counter with shelves in side, you can put hair dryer or other products here. In the side is a wall stand to place nail polish. Glass showcase can not only showcase items in a uniqe way, but also help you improve sales performance. Pedicure chair on the back side, which can make full use of space and service customers better. Please don’t forget to put brand logo, posters and even TV screen for advertise and let people know more about you.

nail kiosk nail booth eyebrow station manicure station

More information

This hairdressing station with manicure and pedicure kiosk covers an area of 6m by 3m. The main material is MDF with paking paint. Hair salon kiosk including working counter, storage area,  showcase cabinets, etc.. When order this hairdressing kiosk in Shenzhen Unique Furniture Ltd., we will build the whole kiosk well in our factory. Then take pictures and videos for your confirmation. When you think it’s right to ship, we can delivery to your country. If you have any new ideas, please feel free to contact us. Thank you

Contact: Sunny                             Email:                              Whatsapp: +86 13602680324

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