Elegance white cosmetic shop with display showcase design for sale

Hey, guys! are you plan to start your own cosmetic store? I have not to say Cosmetic service is very popular all around the world. it mainly located in a shopping center or cosmetic store. mainly for display skin care product, cosmetic, or makeup service. 

In this article what I wanna share is an Elegance white cosmetic shop with display fixtures design for sale. if you’re interested to start your own store, it’s necessary to see more details below.

cosmetic shopBasic information about this cosmetic shop:

  • Size: 40 sqm or what the size you need according to you shop size.
  • Brand: Delfy and what the logo you need.
  • Color:  white and black or other color you like.
  • Material:  MDF with high glossy baking paint and stainless steel and tempered glass and man-made stone and so on.
  • Service: cosmetic and skin care and so on.
  • Accessories: acrylic logo and spotlight and nature wood veneer samples and so on.
  • Used: shopping center or cosmetic store or other space you want to put it.

About this cosmetic shop design:

You can see the whole cosmetic shop mainly tone is white, match a little black and it’s very modern and elegant. at the front part is cosmetic shop designa big entrance door and is a big logo showing. the left and the right side is some high wall display shelves,  It mainly for display skin care product. the top part install spotlight, each plate is hidden led light strip. the bottom is some cabinet for storage.

In the middle of this store is a cosmetic display stand, at the top black part is some sculpture plate. It’s very nice to fit the nail polish bottle, lipstick and more. At the back sides is a long wall display for nail polish and here are some round shape nail polish display stand and a makeup table. It can accommodate up to four guests at a time. The next to is a small cashier counter with images wall and the front surface with some waved plate for decoration. It looks very nice and high-end. You will notice the whole store selling and the floor is white. What is more, the furniture and decor go well together. Each counter bottom hidden white led light strip, it makes the whole store looks very tidy and attractive.

cosmetic shopWhat we can do for you?

We are a professional company. Not only a company, but also a factory. Our price is the factory price, so it lower than our other peers. We have a professional team. It include professional designer team and a friendly services team.

After you paid the design fee, our designer will to make design for you about 2 days. When they finished it, they will send the design picture to you. If you look at the design drawing and have any modifications, just let us know, and our designer will redesign the design for you until you are satisfied. When we have finished the design, you paid 50% of the full amount and you don’t have any questions, we will have the factory workers start to make it for you. When your product is finished, we will ship it to you after you pay the remaining 50% of the money and the freight.

All in all, we will try our best to let you feel satisfied, we will give you the best experience.

Thanks for your time and reading. hope this article is helpful to your business. if you’re interested to start your own cosmetic store business, for further information or related design, please direct contact us, welcome inquiry! 


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