Cosmetic service is very popular all around the world. it can be located in a shopping center or own store. it including cosmetic display stand, cosmetic display counter, make-up table, and reception.

In this article what I wanna share is a very popular cosmetic shop for your meet. if you’re interested to start your own cosmetic business. please see more details below.


More business about this cosmetic shop.

       Size: 50sqm or customized basic on your store.

       Color: white, black, wood grain.

       Material: MDF, plywood. laminate.

       Service: cosmetic, skin care product.

       Accessories: led light strip. lightbox, led light.


Like the whole cosmetic store mainly tone is white and black, match some light brown wood grain, at the two sides is some cosmetic display rack. each plate is hidden led light strip, match some lightbox and mirror. in the middle of the whole kiosk is some cosmetic display stand. each counter bottom with wooden cabinet for storage. the back side is a long table. with cosmetic display rack and mirror. here mainly for make-up. the bottom is many drawers. it’s very nice for storage.

 You can see the whole cosmetic shop top part with many metal frame, match many spotlights. the below is the brown solid wood floor, looks very nice and attractive.

cosmetic shop

What point needs to notice if I wanna start my cosmetic store?

Size: usually the kiosk store is very flexible. 30,50,100sqm or others, it can be customized based on your need and the counter styles, Like the above one is very exquisite, is four teeth whitening station and a waiting area. anyway, must make it comfortable. 

Color: the right color is very helpful for the whole store, as a cosmetic almost all color can work. it will be better to make it match your logo or your place decoration adjust. just need to make it exquisite and elegant.

Material: usually we will choose MDF as the whole store furniture material. the surface is baking painting finished, it’s very glossy and smooth, of course, match a little wood grain decoration also is a great way. looks very high-end.


Are you plan to start your own cosmetic store?  if you still worried can’t find a good design? if you still no ideas? please take a few minutes to check our product. I’m sure is very helpful to you to start the business. Unique kiosk as a direct supplier we mainly work on the design and customized different types of the cosmetic kiosk or display fixtures. more related info, welcome inquiry! 


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