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How was your weekend all friends?

Nowadays, People are paying more and more attention to their image. 

Especially young ladies and girls, the best place to spend their holiday may be is a salon shop. 

In a salon shop, they can do hair, makeup, facial care, beauty their eyebrows and nails or do a spa to maintain their skin.

so more and more salon shops are opening to meet people’ needs.

Today I wanna share you a very nice salon shop design:

salon shop design

Firstly let’s see this salon shop layout. This shop size is 12m by 7m, not a very big shop. But you can see it is very functional, can do brows, hairs, nails, pedicure, facial care, also have a sitting area for customers to have a rest.

When entering the shop, you will found left and the right side is wall displays for beauty products. Then go inside you will sell 10 brow and hair stations face to face. On the left side are waxing rooms, the right side is pedicure chairs. Crossing the brow and hair area is the reception counter. Near reception is nail manicure area.

salon shop design

The whole shop decoration looks very nice and elegant. Golden color match white, add little purple, makes this shop, looks attractive and high-end. 

salon shop design

salon shop design

Do you like this salon shop design?

If you also desire to open a salon shop, the first thing you need to think about is the shop design.

the design will decide how your shop looks like exactly. So find a professional design team is necessary.

Come unique, our professional design team will help you!



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