Are you looking for wooden kiosk used for mall ? This is Easy use egg puff ice cream kiosk supplier in China

As a leading of mall kiosk , we have  retails Professional installation team and after-sales team in the United States .

the projects of we made more than 10000+ unit in United States . And you can see many 3D design in the website , and more of them copy from us .

It doesn’t matter , We hope the good  ideas can help more people .

Today ,  i will sharing a design about ice cream kiosk with egg puff machine , and the kiosk can sell for ice cream , roll ice , egg puff , frozen yogurt and so on…

let us check the design as below and let’s talk how do you think about this design ;

Mall used ice cream kiosk for sale

First one  is the white tone contrasts sharply with the dark wood grain make the kiosk looks very clean , pithy , and elegant .

Second one is the logo , there is a high pillar for the logo and menu . or put a LED  multi-media playe.

Thirdly one, three is the light box around kiosk .and also you can put the big poster at there.

Fourthly one ,there have some colorful LED lights around kiosk at bottom .

Fifth , many colored circles around kiosk ,in fact,they are made of acrylic,inside has led lights,so connect electricity they are illuminate.


Maybe you want to know what size about this ice cream kiosk?

The size of kiosk on the top is 10 ft by 10 ft , the high is 5 ft . of course , you can choose the size that suits your mall’s requests.

there is any requested about three pool water tank from you mall ?

You can see the three pool water tank on the design , do you know that many shopping malls has required .

If you come from USA and UK please note the voltage .

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