The outdoor kiosk has always been one of the very popular sales points. In many popular scenic spots or urban areas, we can always see a lot of people. This is very helpful for our business. The best business is selling food because that’s what everyone might need. Sometimes people pass by, even if they are not hungry, they will choose to buy your food as a snack, so the sales of food are very impressive.

Outdoor Food Kiosk

There are many beautiful styles of the outdoor kiosk. Today I want to introduce the outdoor food kiosk that combines white and solid wood. It has an open front form, two sides are closed, and the back has two glass showcases and menu boards. The area on the back is where food can be ordered for cars passing by, so customers can take food directly from the window.

The logo is a very important sign, we can install it on the side and top, the 3D luminous logo is the best choice for outdoor, its display effect is great, so it can be very bright at night.

The main colors of this kiosk are wood color and white, the white area is used as the frame of the whole kiosk, and the wood color is the main decoration. We all know that solid wood is a very practical material. Its texture and quality are very good. Many pieces of furniture using solid wood. We can adjust the color of solid wood according to our own ideas.

The interior of the kiosk is our work area, which is mainly the counter and our equipment. If we want more storage space, we can install some hanging cabinets on the top.

A beautiful kiosk can always attract a lot of people’s attention. Snacks are a favorite food of many people, and their sales are very good. We can combine the two to create our own kiosk, and then launch some delicious snacks. I believe your business will be very booming.

We are a custom company, we can help you to custom the kiosk according to your location size and your business.

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