Outdoor retail kiosk wooden material scarf display shelf

If people want to start a business to sell something, they can have many choices. For example, to make a kiosk in the shopping mall, to open a store or an outdoor kiosk. Anyway, if you want to start a business to sell the products, you need to find a location first.

To start a business for outdoor, you can make a mobile cart but have to move it every day. If you don’t want to move it every day, making an outdoor retail shop is better. This is a design of an outdoor retail kiosk wooden material scarf display shelf.



This is an outdoor retail kiosk that sells the scarf. It is like a small house but with the brand logo and your favorite design. For the outdoor scarf kiosk design, we can make it with the size you want. The size of this outdoor scarf kiosk is about 3 x 3 m. It has a 3d lighted logo on the top and on the front is the glass entrance door.

Inside the outdoor retail shop has the display shelf on the wall for the scarf. You can display different styles of the scarf on the wall display shelf. On the top of the wooden display shelf add the lights. For the material of the wall display shelf, we can use plywood with laminate. And it has a small cashier counter, inside the shop can install the air conditioner.



We can make a customized outdoor retail kiosk design for you. Please measure your location size to us and get back to us. We will make this customized kiosk design with the size and the logo you want. For a customized design will charge a 300USD design deposit.

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