2 x 2 m mini coffee stall outdoor small size cafe food kiosk

Today we want to introduce a small size mini coffee outdoor kiosk to you. This coffee kiosk size is about 2 x 2 m or we can customize it with the size you want. And this cafe food booth can use in the shopping mall or outdoor both ok. Please follow with us some details of this outdoor coffee food booth design.



This is a small size outdoor cafe kiosk for 1-2 staff to work inside. On the front is a glass window with an entrance door. And on the top hang some lighted box of the menu and some lights. The customer can see the menu and order here. You can see we add a lighted logo ” DARKER coffee ” on the top. This logo can let the customer know your brand and find your shop easily.



If you also looking for such an outdoor coffee kiosk, you can check this design for reference. We can change the size, color, logo as you like. If the size is different, the layout will be a little different. Please get in touch with our sales team and we can discuss the details together.

Design deposit – For a customized outdoor coffee kiosk design, the design deposit is 300$. This design deposit is for our better cooperation and all the customize companies do like this. So hope you can understand.

First version – Our design team will finish the first version in the 3d design. Then we will send it to you for review. This step usually takes 2-3 working days.

Design change – After you review the first version of the 3d design, please get back to us if need any changes.

Confirm design– Please confirm the final 3d design and then we will make the construction drawing for you.


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