Durable fast food kiosk french fries booth in the mall

French fries are the most common kind of fast food. The food business is easy for people to start their own business. If you have an idea want to start your own business, you can find a location and make a fast food kiosk in the shopping mall.

On here, you can find some business ideas of how to start a food business and the fast food kiosk design for reference. Now let us look at a fast food kiosk french fries booth design together.


The front side of this fast food kiosk has two display fridges and has a logo. On the back side can put the water sink, refrigerator or any other equipment.

On the left side is a small bar area with a glass countertop. This area can for three customers to sit here.

For the outside surface of the fast food kiosk, we can put some lighted boxes as the menu or for advertising.



The installation of the fast food french fries kiosk is a problem many customer concern about. For the installation of the fast food kiosk, we will do it in our factory. We will install the glass, countertop, lighted box, logo, sink, wires and sockets in our factory.

After we finish a whole food kiosk, we will send the pictures for you to confirm everything. Then if all is good, we will pack a whole fast food kiosk divided into a few parts.

When the customer receives the fast food kiosk, please open all the packages and put them together. You can check how to put them together on the construction drawing, it has the floor plan.

Then you just need to connect the male and female connector together and connect to your shopping mall local power supply. Then the whole fast food kiosk will work.

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