As the current living conditions are getting better and better, a lot of snacks have also emerged on the market. Snacks also have many functions, which can make our mood more beautiful. When you are bored and watching TV, snacks are your best partner. It can be said that snacks are the favorite of children.
The popularity of snacks is relatively large, it is not expensive, and it is easy to sell. So you can choose to find a location in the mall to start your business.

After you got a space, you need to buy a kiosk  to put your goods, and make the whole display stand more high-end.

Snack Kiosk

You can see the kiosk which can be used to sell the chips, and coke. The kiosk includes two parts. The left of the part is to display the drinking area, and the right of the kiosk can display the chips. You can see that there are many logo on the kiosk we will make customer can know the brand clearly.

The style of the kiosk is very obvious, the left of the kiosk is bule and white. Because the color of the drinking is also blue and whiet. There are many display stands on here, and can display the goods clearly. There is a curved cashier counter on the right part. Then you will know the brand clearly. The bottom of the reception desk has a light strip.


The right of the kiosk we sell the chips, there is a huge display stand which can display the goods. There is a huge top which can decorate the kiosk.



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