Small size food stall customize fast food kiosk in the shopping mall

The fast food business is easy to start if you want to own your business. You can make a small fast food kiosk in the shopping mall to start your own business. No matter what food will you sell, we can make a new customized fast food kiosk suitable for your business.

Please see the below of a fast food kiosk design for your reference. You can check on our website for more food kiosk designs also. Hope you can get some good ideas from here.



The size of this fast food kiosk is about 3x2m and it can suitable for 2-3 staff to work on here. You can check this size for reference but we can make a new one for you with the size you want.

You can get a location in the shopping mall and they will tell you the size. And you can choose what color and what style you want for the fast food kiosk. All can customize to your need.



We will install a whole fast food kiosk in our factory. Please send us the equipment list then we can install the sockets for you. When you receive the fast food kiosk, please put them together. And connect the male and female connector to your local power supply then the whole fast food kiosk will work.



After we finish the fast food kiosk, we will send the pictures and videos to you. If the customer check all no problem, we will start the packing. The package of a fast food kiosk is foam inside and a wooden box outside.

Then you can send us your nearest destination seaport or door to door address. We will check the shipping cost for you.

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