Shoes are the necessities of our lives. Everyone has at least two pairs of shoes. For girls, there will be more shoes, because we need to match different shoes in different seasons or clothes. Shoe stores are very common and popular. They can sell shoes of all ages, or they can be limited to a certain age and gender. In addition to shoe stores, another very popular point of sale is shopping malls. There are also many shoe display stands in the mall. Due to space constraints, there are not too many types of  displayed in a shoe display stand. Let’s take a look at the shoe display stand below.

Shoe Display Stand Description

We can see that the size of this stand is relatively small. He only has one display cabinet. This showcase is a double-sided display. In the middle are some laminates on which we can put our shoes. The shoes on our design drawing are of the same type. If you get a small position or your business is relatively small, we can choose this display.

In addition to the display, we also have a cash register, a mirror and a bench. Our customers can sit on the bench when trying on shoes, and the mirror next to them can also let them see the effect of the shoes on their feet.

Our mirror is not just a mirror alone. It is also a cabinet door. Our cabinet can be used as our storage cabinet. Posters of our products can be pasted on the outside of the cabinet. It will look more attractive. Our logo can also be placed on top of our display cabinet.

Size: 3×1.8m

Basic material: MDF

Surface finish: Baking paint, laminate

Skirting: Stainless steel

Floor: Plywood, PVC

Others: Spotlight, sticker, logo

Shoe Display Stand Assemble

This stand has a floor. We have spotlights installed in our display area, so it needs to be connected to wires. When you receive the goods, you can lay the floor first and connect the wires between the floors. Then put our display cabinet in the corresponding place. Our floor has perforations, we can easily find the connectors we need. Both our display cabinets and cash desks need to be connected to the floor. Our main wire is in the cabinet of our cash register. After we have connected the wires of the floor, we can connect our main wires to the mall.

How can I get the stand?

We are an export company. After we confirm the design and complete the production, we will transport the goods to the nearest port or the address you specify. When the goods arrive at the port, someone will notify you in advance to pick up the goods. You can hire a broker to help you clear customs and pick up the goods.

What is the shoe display stand price?

Our stand price is based on the final design. We need to know your stand size, material and style.

Such as this shoe display stand, size is 3×1.8m, made of MDF, baking paint and laminate. With floor, the price is about 5000$.

What is the production time?

When we confirming the design and construction drawings, the production time is about 22 working days.

Order Process

  1. Tell me your location size and your requirements. We need to make a design first. The stand design can help us to confirm all the details and you can send it to your all for approval. The design fee is 300$, when we place an order, it will be deducted from your balance payment.
  2. Start production. When we confirm the design and get the mall approval, we can start it.
  3. Transportation. We can arrange the shipment. The shipping fee depends on your country and the good volume.


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