Customized manicure and pedicure showcase ship to France

Last week, one of a customer told me that she need a manicure and pedicure showcase for business. I recommend this style and she likes it very much. To be honest, it looks very luxry and suit for her business. Today, I want to share the design with you. Hope you will like it.

As we can see in the design, It include manicure and pedicure area, waiting area, display showcase and coffee area. Every part is separate and indepandent, so customers can enjoy different services you offer with their partner. Yes, you should also sell coffee in manicure and pedicure showcase.

The whole kiosk measures 6m×5m. In the front side is coffee area, there are 5 seats for them to enjoy coffee and have a rest. In the middle is a 3-seat work table for manucure. On the back area is a mall hose area for pedicure, in the corner is a red chaire for accopany person. There is a 3-layer tempered glass display area for nail polish and hot selling products. 

manicure and pedicure showcase

The basic color is black with red for decoration and the work counter and display counter is white. The brand name ‘Nail Box’ full of the four sides, so people can figure you out soon. The light box paint and poster is very important, because peolpe should know what service and products you provide through them. The register counter is in the entrance with a brand name and a hot coffee logo in front of it.

Basic material is MDF with black, white and red baking paint. Other materials include 3D illuminate logo, led light strip, tempered glass, led light paint box, stainless steel kicking and sink. All the display area and storage cabinet with locked doors, so it can safe close at night. When your mall manage requires floor, this wood floor wood be better. Do you like this  black and white manicure and pedicure showcase design? Would it be good for your business?

If you want it to be your own store design, please let us know. Thank you for reading.

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