Custom sized wood grain decoration clothes store furniture to London

Hello, friends. Glad to meet you here. Are you looking for clothes store furniture? Do you want to decoration with your own idea? Do you need an attractive clothes store to improve the sales volume? A good store kiosk can not only for display but also make customers choose you at the first sight. Today, I want to introduce an wood grain decoration clothes store furniture to you. Hope it will give you more ideas about your own store.clothes store furniture

Description of the store furniture

When enter the store, we can see a large black logo board in the center with a reception desk. In front of the desk are some display stand for hot selling clothes or clothes on sale. On the left side are display shelves. They are good to place folded clothes, and can easily separate clothes by size, so that customers can choose the right one. On the left are some display racks. Near the wall are full of wall display shelves and some models stand here to show you how the clothes looks when try it on. Do you want to view more details?

We can see there is rest area in the back of the black board and the large round white light provides a warm atmosphere. It’s a great idea to put some photos to make the store live.


The fitting room is usually set at the innermost part of the store, and there are many mirrors around it. The store has 3 fitting rooms with 2 large mirrors and 3 small mirrors on the door.

There are many lights in the store, including spot light, ceiling light, hanging light and table lamp. As we all know, light is very important for a cloth store. The effect of lighting can provide shoppers with a comfortable atmosphere, besides, lighting can improve the display effect of clothing. In contrast, customers are easily attracted by lighted clothing stores.

clothes store furniture

More information

MDF should be the basic material in this clothes store. The surface is wood grain veneer. Usually, a store design takes about 3-5 business days. Will you like this wood grain design? You are welcome to let us know your own designs ideas. Thank you for reading.

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