Pink color Decoration Small clothes Store kiosk in Dubai

Hello friends, glad to meet you here. Are you looking for small clothes store kiosk? Many people send us inquiry for small store kiosk designs. Because they want to find a suitable decoration for their small store. Today, I want to share a small clothes store kiosk design with you. Hope it can give you some idea about your own design.

3D Design

The basic color of the clothes store kiosk is pink, which is a very lovely color. There is one square cabinet in each frame for hang on clothes and decoration. On the left side is large photo with clothes. And there is a white stairs and tree in the sales window for attracts people. In the center is a table with seats, customers can have a rest here. And in the inner wall, there is a large display cabinet for clothes placement, people can select their favorite style.

If we owns a small clothes store, we should make full use of every space. The display racks in the center is for decoration and place attractive clothes, so it can catch people’s eyes and makes your store different. And on the right back wall is a display wall with drawers, which can store more things. The back wall is a little counter, it’s for display promote clothes or some other products. Next to the counter is a stair, so that customers can go on to the second floor and view designs.

clothes store


If we owns a small store, we should make full use of every space for display and decoration. Like this store, it use much mental bar for decoration, not only the frame but also in the kiosks. It become part of the kiosk and looks very special. When decoration our own store furniture, we should use the suitable color to make our products attractive. We can also use suitable light strip or spot light to create a comfortable atmosphere for customers. Besides, if you want to own more customers, it’s very important to provide good service.

Do you like this pink store design? We are glad to discuss more store designs with you. Thank you for reading.

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